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How does it work?

Put simply:

Anyone with a PSV licence, local authority private hire or taxi licence, or section 22 permits and a suitable vehicle can offer a route through Fellowtravellers.

To help providers to plan and develop routes, any member of the public can suggest a route they would like to see delivered.

To help providers assess potential routes, they can post prospective routes on site and gain valuable customer feedback and expressions of interest before fully committing themselves to delivery.

Providers can post routes which they intend to deliver as regular daily services, or for one day only (perhaps filling the empty leg of an existing booking).

The service will be inexpensive because longer contracts and multiple passengers will enable providers to keep costs down; it will be safe because all fellow passengers will be registered Fellowtravellers' users; and it will be reliable because local competition will motivate providers to deliver the best service at the keenest price.