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The Fellowtravellers' system allows transport businesses to undertake 3 basic functions:

  1. You can search for routes that travellers in your area have asked for.
  2. You can propose a route that you would like to deliver – then assess demand and build a passenger list before you invest a penny.
  3. You can post the details of a route which you are actively providing – to bring in a constant stream of new passengers.

It costs nothing to register, nothing to search for suggested routes, nothing to post a prospective route, and you only pay commission on active routes once you have been delivering profitably for 3 months – in short, you have absolutely nothing to lose in checking out this new business opportunity.

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Transport Providers' FAQ

  1. Why become a Fellowtravellers' transport provider?
    There are a number of reasons for becoming a Fellowtravellers' transport provider, not least the very obvious environmental and social reasons. But from a business perspective, if you represent an existing minibus or taxi company, Fellowtravellers can offer you a valuable new business opportunity; for individuals interested in setting up new small businesses, Fellowtravellers can provide a ready-made market, and a business template which can be adapted to suit a wide variety of circumstances.
  2. Can anyone become a Fellowtravellers' transport provider?
    We require that transport providers carry one of the following:
    Public Service Vehicle license.
    Local authority private hire or taxi license.
    A section 22 (Transport Act 1985) minibus permit (charitable organisations, please email for details of our charity support programme).
  3. What does it cost, and what do I get for my money?
    It is free to register with Fellowtravellers and to use our online tools and services to create and manage routes.
    Once an active route has been established, we charge providers a 5% commission. This fee is payable in retrospect every quarter, commencing from the first day of a route delivery.In return for this small fee, transport providers can:
    • Search for routes that travellers in your area have requested.
    • Post a prospective route you are thinking of offering - to assess travellers' response prior to committing yourself.
    • Post details of any regular or one-off active routes you are providing to ensure that new one-off travellers and long-term commuters continue to feed into your business.
    • Access advice and guidance on developing routes and devising competitive charging policies.
    • Use Fellowtravellers standard contracts as your customer agreement, with terms and conditions that protect the transport provider financially at the same time as offering passengers peace of mind.
    • Benefit from national and local marketing strategies promoting your service to passengers in your area.
  4. What sort of vehicle do I need?
    The vehicle you use is entirely up to you, so long as it is roadworthy and meets all legal requirements. How many seats you need to fill will impact upon overall journey time, and the cost of buying and running an expensive vehicle will need to be passed on to your customers, so it is worth considering whether you have the right vehicle to make a Fellowtravellers' route viable in your locality. We believe that the ideal vehicle to provide the most effective balance between value and efficiency is a basic 16 seat minibus.
  5. If I register as a provider, what commitment am I taking on?
    Registering as a provider places you under no obligation whatsoever, and you are free to establish a Fellowtravellers' route or not as you decide. If you decide to establish a route, you only commit yourself once you confirm contracts of transport with passengers. The full details of this commitment is set out fully in the Terms and Conditions
  6. How do I decide what to charge passengers?
    Fellowtravellers provides guidance to transport providers on devising a charging policy, but it is ultimately up to individual providers to decide their own tariffs, based upon individual circumstances and local variables. However, all providers should bear in mind that Fellowtravellers is an open marketplace, and providers are encouraged to develop customer loyalty by setting reasonable tariffs from the outset.
  7. How do I ensure that my route remains profitable in the long term?
    We strongly recommend that providers focus upon travellers with predictable and consistent daily commutes to form the basis of any route, and to offer incentives to passengers who agree long-term contracts of 3 months or longer. Once a route has been established with a core passenger list of long-term contracts, providers can increase their returns by taking one-off and short-term contracts.
  8. How can I co-ordinate signing contracts with numerous potential travellers at the same time when I am in the process of establishing a route?
    If you want to establish a full passenger list prior to starting a route, it is recommended that you post your route initially as a 'Prospective Route'. If sufficient travellers confirm that they would sign-up for long-term contracts, you should be able to co-ordinate agreements before making your route active.
  9. Can I carry passengers on a Fellowtravellers route who are not registered Fellowtravellers users?
    No. To ensure passenger safety only registered users should be carried on Fellowtravellers' routes. However, it is free for users to register with Fellowtravellers – so if you have an existing route which you want to consolidate with Fellowtravellers passengers, simply ask existing customers to sign up.