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The Fellowtravellers' system allows travellers to undertake 4 basic functions:

  1. You can suggest a route you would like to see delivered in your area.
  2. You can search for prospective routes which meet your needs, and express interest in joining their passenger lists.
  3. You can search for active routes in your area and make contact directly with transport providers to arrange terms - either for one-off journeys or long-term contracts. 
  4. You can locate a specific existing route for which you know the route reference.

It costs nothing to register, nothing to search for prospective or active routes, and nothing to post a suggested route – in short you have nothing to lose in checking to see if Fellowtravellers can help you to travel more economically, efficiently, and effortlessly than your current arrangement.

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FAQ for Traveller

  1. How much does it cost to register as a Fellowtravellers' user?
    It costs nothing to register as a user.
  2. If I suggest a route I would like to see delivered in my area am I under any obligation to sign-up?
    You are under no obligation whatsoever.
  3. How does Fellowtravellers make money from my journey?
    We charge a small commission to the transport provider if we arrange a transport contract for you. This is payable by the transport provider not by you.
  4. How can I find out what a Fellowtravellers' transport provider will charge me?
    Providers post their rates along with details of the route offered. We cannot make guarantees about cost, but as Fellowtravellers' transport providers will not have the overheads and associated costs of mainstream public transport, we anticipate that most Fellowtravellers' routes should be cheaper than comparable bus and train services.
  5. What if my travel needs change?
    If your needs change after you have agreed terms you will be liable to meet any fees agreed.
  6. What happens if a dispute arises between me and a Fellowtravellers' transport provider?
    Because Fellowtravellers' transport providers will in most instances be small local businesses with reputations to safeguard and a genuine commitment to providing a quality service, we anticipate that disputes will be rare. Where disputes do arise we would expect that they will be resolved by travellers simply declining to renew contracts. However, if you have a serious complaint to make about a transport provider, we may, in rare circumstances, support a user with legal action and, if appropriate, suspend a transport provider from providing Fellowtravellers' services.
  7. Will the service be safe?
    All drivers are required to hold appropriate Public Service Vehicle licences, and only other registered Fellowtravellers' users will share the vehicle with you. Whilst we cannot make absolute guarantees about the conduct and behaviour of drivers or fellow passengers, we can say that unlike other modes of public transport, everyone you travel with will have their details on record and will have a vested interest in behaving courteously and appropriately at all times.
  8. Will the service be reliable?
    Unlike other modes of public transport, Fellowtravellers' transport providers will in most instances be small local businesses with reputations to safeguard and a genuine commitment to providing a quality service. Therefore, providers will have a real interest in delivering a highly reliable service.
  9. Will I have the same vehicle(s) and driver(s) every day?
    Not necessarily. Larger companies may have a fleet of vehicles and a team of drivers. The size of the company making an offer of transport will be detailed in the terms of any offer.