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Key Aim

A key aim of Fellowtravellers is to support schools to minimize the impact of the school-run.
The service offers an excellent opportunity for staff and students to make greener choices about their transport arrangements.  Therefore, to encourage schools to support the initiative we will donate back to the school 2.5% of the cost of any fellowtravellers' journey to or from school by any staff member or student.  Simply ask the staff and students to collect all receipts from the transport providers and when you are ready to claim, simply email us your scanned receipts and we will send you a cheque for 2.5% of the total amount.

This offer applies to all primary and secondary schools, 6th form & HE colleges.


We appreciate that safety is a key concern for any service likely to involve children.   All Fellowtravellers registered providers are CRB checked as part of their licencing requirements; and we can share providers' licence details with head teachers where required.   In addition, we are happy to work with individual schools to implement safety mechanisms that meet school and parental requirements - for instance, we can put mechanisms in place to ensure that any bus or minibus carrying children to or from school must also carry a member of the school staff team or parent to act as chaperone, and we can ensure that drivers are not changed without prior notice.

To apply to be an approved Fellowtravellers' school, the head teacher or principal should email and give the name, address and postcode of the school.