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The following terms and conditions have been established to provide both the passenger and the transport provider a reasonable degree of protection in any contractual relationship entered into, and to ensure proper use of the Fellowtravellers service. These terms form the basis of your agreement with Fellowtravellers and with other Fellowtravellers users. Please read them carefully prior to agreeing to any contract for transport.


Your details:

Transport providers are responsible for inputting their own details into the Fellowtravellers' database. Inputting false information into the Fellowtravellers' database will invalidate any contracts entered into via Fellowtravellers.

Data protection:

Fellowtravellers will not share your personal or contact details with any third party without your express permission.
Registered users of Fellowtravellers agree not to share with third partries the email addresses and other contact details of other site users without the express permission of the individual concerned.

Site misuse:

We reserve the right to suspend any account for activities or actions which are deemed by us to be malicious or abusive.



Fellowtravellers charge transport providers a 5% commission on all contracts facilitated through the Fellowtravellers' service.    It is agreed that commission is payable by the transport provider quarterly following the commencement of an active route.   Providers will be given the option of paying an estimated commission, based upon 50% occupancy over the entire route or of providing confirmed details of actual passenger miles delivered.

Late payment:

It is agreed that commission will be paid in full within 14 days of the invoice being issued to the provider's registered email account by Fellowtravellers Ltd.  It is agreed that late payment will incur a surcharge of 25% of the outstanding amount.   Should accounts not be settled within 28 days of the invoice being issued it is understood that the transport provider agrees to bear any costs incurred by Fellowtravellers in the recovery of outstanding accounts.


It is understood that whilst Fellowtravellers make reasonable efforts to ensure that all information submitted to the  Fellowtravellers' database is genuine, we are unable to guarantee the veracity of the information supplied either by prospective passengers or by prospective transport providers.
Fellowtravellers offers no guarantees that any offer made to any prospective passenger will be accepted or responded to.


Contract termination:

A contract for transport facilitated through Fellowtravellers can be terminated at any time by the mutual consent of the passenger and the transport provider.

Should the transport provider wish to terminate the contract early for any reason the transport provider agrees to refund all unspent fees paid in advance by the passenger.



Both passengers and transport providers have the right to be treated with reasonable courtesy and respect at all times. Any party failing to adhere to this guideline may be considered to be in breach of their contract and will risk exclusion or suspension from the Fellowtravellers' service.


On journeys facilitated through Fellowtravellers, only passengers who are current registered users of Fellowtravellers, and whose journeys have been facilitated through Fellowtravellers should be given carriage. Any party failing to adhere to this term risks suspension from the Fellowtravellers' service. Failure to adhere to this term will be considered to be a breach of the transport contract.

Transport Providers’ Licensing:

Fellowtravellers requires all transport providers to hold a full PSV licence. Any transport provider making a false declaration in relation to PSV licensing will be in breach of all contracts entered into through Fellowtravellers and will risk expulsion from the Fellowtravellers' service.

Equal Opportunities:

Fellowtravellers is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and to promoting equality of access for all members of society regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability. In pursuance of this commitment, should any transport provider be found to be in breach of any anti discriminatory legislation in any manner connected to their relationship with Fellowtravellers, we reserve the right to ban or suspend that individual or company from the Fellowtravellers' service.


The standard contract for carriage facilitated by Fellowtravellers is on the basis of one passenger occupying one seat. It is understood that any luggage carried by a passenger, unless otherwise stipulated, will be accommodated on the knees of that passenger without undue interference to other passengers or to the driver of the vehicle. It is at the discretion of the transport provider to carry luggage which cannot be accommodated on the knees of the passenger.


Complaints about Fellowtravellers' users or transport providers should in the first instance be addressed to the transport provider concerned. Fellowtravellers should be notified of any breaches of contract, and may consider excluding or suspending users or providers from the service for serious breaches.

It is anticipated that all parties will enter into a Fellowtravellers' agreement in good faith, and shall make all reasonable endeavours to fulfil their contractual obligations. Where one party is dissatisfied with the other, in most instances the dissatisfied party will simply decline to renew the contract at the end of the contract period. Where arbitration is sought to resolve a dispute it should be in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1950.


Should you be unsure of any of the meanings or expressions used within these terms and conditions, please seek advice from a legal consultant of your choice or ask Fellowtravellers to provide clarity prior to accepting them, as these terms and conditions will form the basis of your contract with Fellowtravellers for your use of the website, and of any transport contract facilitated through the website.